We are open 24/7/365

It’s easy to take something like your plumbing system for granted – until you have an emergency at 2am or on Christmas morning and no one in the phone book will answer your call. You turn on the faucet and nothing comes out, or your toilet overflows and you realize that no one will come out to fix it until the next day. If you’re lucky, these kinds of things happen only once in a blue moon – and if they do happen,  having a reliable 24/7 plumber on speed dial can make all the difference. Here are some practical reasons why:


Whether it’s in your home or place of business, plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. For your own peace of mind, having a reliable emergency plumber in your back pocket is critical. In fact, it’s highly advisable that you do so. Waiting until there’s an emergency to call a plumber can be costly and stressful. You don’t want to wait for an emergency situation to hit – instead, choose a reliable plumber now like NYC Sewer and Mains and keep their contact information close by.


The ideal way to handle plumbing issues is by getting in touch with a reliable and professional plumber before they start. In fact, calling up an emergency plumber can save you time and money. If you don’t catch problems early, they could worsen until they become more expensive or even impossible to fix. Skipping that call will result in higher costs and lost time. When issues arise, NYC Sewer and Mains is able to provide same-day service, which can also minimize the damage done long-term.


As an emergency plumber, NYC Sewer and Mains professional plumbers are prepared for any situation that may arise. We’re ready to handle your plumbing issues at any time of the day or night. While it’s not something most home or small business owners like to think about, keeping a reliable plumber around for those late-night emergencies is both cost-effective and reassuring. If your toilet becomes clogged or you have another emergency situation, having a plumber you trust is worth its weight in gold!

In case of emergency, our plumbers can arrive at your doorstep within minutes. As opposed to commercial businesses which are open during typical business hours, our plumbing services are available 24/7. NYC Sewer and Mains understands that emergencies can happen at any time and we are prepared to respond as quickly as possible. Please save our number and website so you are prepared when an emergency arises. Nycsewermain.com, (929) 693-7393, or info@nycsewermain.com.