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At NYC Sewer & Main, we provide sub-surface exterior plumbing service for your properties, both home and office.



Our full commitment to excellence has been maintained for over 30 years that we have been in business. 

NYC Sewer & Main is a family-run company that was founded in 1989. Since its establishment we have been serving the boroughs of Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. We pride ourselves in our quality services, good prices, and fast delivery prices. We complete all assignments with utmost care and ensure that the quality of our work speaks for itself. Our steady customers are usually residential, but of course we serve commercial and industrial customers as well.



Residential and Commercial

We have been building our experience in sewer and water main service installation for 30+ years now. We complete every job with accuracy, from the first inspection, to cost estimate, to the actual work. Our more than 30 years of experience includes all exterior subsurface plumbing installation and repair. Of course, we do all the work ourselves.

Committed to Excellence

Since its founding in 1989, NYC Sewer & Main has been committed to, and strives for excellence. Our goal is to complete any plumbing or sewer service assignments with utmost care and we ensure that the quality of our work speaks for itself. This is key to our success in both our work and our reputation. Every job is important, and so each one is taken seriously; we commit to serving our clients to the best of our ability.

NYC Sewer & Main is compliant with all OSHA guidelines and understands the importance of safety on all job sites. Any sewer and water repair work that we carry out is done so in a safe manner. This applies to not only our crew but to our customers as well.

A broken sewer line is always disruptive to the area, but did you know that it can pose a health risk to your family, employees, or customers?

You can prevent or fix any problems before they happen, by hiring NYC Sewer & Main to replace your sewer line today.

Customer Oriented

At NYC Sewer & Main we endeavour to provide the best service to our customers. We will take care of your sewer and water needs with utmost precision. With NYC Sewer & Main, your problems are treated as ours. This means that we give our customer’s sewer and water needs the attention and care that we would give our own, to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled.

Our expert crew will make sure that every step of your needs are met with the highest of quality: the design, the installation, and the material selection all meet and exceed the NYC DEP and/or NYC DOB codes. We never believe in compromising your health and safety when it comes to sewer and water needs.

Fix your problems before they happen. Hire NYC Sewer & Main to replace your sewer line today.

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The crew was very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient and they did everything possible to cause the least amount of damage to our lawn. We highly recommend this company.

Danielle J.
Staten Island, New York

These guys were the only ones who gave a fair price and did a wonderful job from start to finish, very professional. They did everything we asked for, and fast, too. Will definitely use them again.

Geri D.
Brooklyn, New York